Nagoya University Psychological Support & Research Center for Human Development



I, Masako Nagata, as the Director of Psychological Support & Research Center for Human Development from April 2019 wish to offer greetings.

Our Center has been active since April 2001 as "Center for Developmental Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry". In April 2015, it was reorganized as "Psychological Support & Research Center for Human Development", with a view to conducting long-term research projects and providing practical mental support for the children and their family, in response to more current needs.

In four years after reorganizing, the situation surrounding us is changing a lot, and various social issues have accumulated it. Children will grow up with hereditary biological factor and with an environmental factor also including a relation with the society. Our research aim to reveal how to support for the development of a child respected as a child, growing up to be an independent person. We wish to do required research through empirical studies or practice activities from now on.

Moreover, while we cooperate with many organizations, not only the organizations on campus, such as graduate school of education and human development, graduate school of medicine, center for student counseling, but also the governmental agencies, such as Aichi Prefecture and Nagoya-city.

In recent years, in Asian nations especially State of Mongolia, our activity has been extended, we have developed the assessment tools for the developmental disease and also cultivated the specialists.

Moreover, this center has established the psychological counseling room in more than 50 years, it works as the place of the education where trains the graduate students who aim at the specialist in the mental health, and also it works as a place of the practice which performs social contributions corresponding to their needs.

In this center, we would like to support development of a children's healthy mental through the empirical research and the practice activities regarding the psychological development of children.

We hereby express our appreciation for your kind understanding on our activity and request you to provide us with your continuing support and advice.

April, 2019
Masako Nagata
Psychological Support & Research Center for Human Development

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