Nagoya University Psychological Support & Research Center for Human Development


Faculty Staff

SUGIOKA Masanori, Ph.D

Associate Professor

My special fields are student counseling and community psychology. Especially, I am interested in psychological problems in adolescence, such as social withdrawal, self- injury, suicidal behavior, and identity crisis. The main theme of my search is to explore the relatedness of people, including psychological dynamics, family system, and community.
I have ever been researching the ways to support ethnic minorities in Japan, and to prevent student suicide. My special interest now is crisis intervention to prevent student suicide and care for the surviving family members.

Publications (selected)

  1. Sugioka Masanori & Kodama Kenichi(2007). An attempt at networking supporters for Japanese-Brazilian students in Japan. Japanese Journal of community psychology, 11(1),76-89. 
  2. Sugioka Masanori(2011).The present situation and topic of student counseling for Autistic spectrum disorder in Kagawa University. Japanese Journal of Psychotherapy, 37(2)154-159. 
  3. Sugioka Masanori & Wakabayashi Sumino (2012). A basic study on the psycho-education of suicide prevention in university. Bulletin of the Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences(2),9-16.
  4. Sugioka Masanori (2014). Psychotherapeutic approach to female college student with Nausea. Bulletin of Kagawa University Health Service Center 3,167-173.
  5. Sugioka Masanori(2014). Relationship between Depression score and psychological stance about suicide,and suicide trend in University Students. CAMPUS HEALTH51(2),205-210.

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