Nagoya University Psychological Support & Research Center for Human Development



In recent years, issues concerning children are on the increase. Not a single day passes without news reports on abuse, molestation, bullying, delinquency and other incidents or accidents involving them.

We are naturally sad and heartbroken, when we hear about the cases wherein children are victimized, even when they are the perpetrators of certain incidents, which cause us to wonder why they have come to do such things.

As we all know, behind these incidents the psychological issues of children exist. Nonetheless, we cannot ignore the interactions between the factors of children themselves and the factors of their family, community and society surrounding them. This is because there are many children who have some difficulties to live but still have been able to adapt to their environment if they have functional family, school or community environment where they grow. Our Center attempts to provide support for healthy psychological development of children by focusing on the mutual interactions of these factors, through conducting empirical studies and practical applications regarding the psychological development of children.

Our Center has been active since April 2001 as "Center for Developmental Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry". In April 2015, it was redesigned as "Psychological Support & Research Center for Human Development", with a view to conducting long-term research projects and providing practical support, in response to more current needs. Additionally, we will endeavor to create useful expertise by intensifying our collaborative efforts with institutions overseas such as Finland, Mongolia, and so on, as well as our domestic affiliations with whom we have been working together.

We hereby express our appreciation for your kind understanding on our activity and request you to provide us with your continuing support and advice.

April, 2015
Atsuko Kanai
Psychological Support & Research Center for Human Development

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