Nagoya University Psychological Support & Research Center for Human Development


Faculty Staff

IGARASHI Tetsuya, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

My special field is school psychology. School psychology is the study which aims to help solutions for problems in school life. I am interested in particular about individual or environmental characteristics that school refusal is hard to happen.

Publications (selected)

  1. Igarashi T. (2011) Children's Tendency to be Absent From School and Their School-Life Skills: Transition From Elementary to Junior High School. The Japanese Journal of Educational Psychology, 59, 64-76. (in Japanese)
  2. Igarashi T. (2011) The Relationship between Changes in School-Life Skills and the Tendency of School Non-Attendance among Elementary and Junior High School Students in One School Year. Japanese Journal of School Psychology, 11, 29-44. (in Japanese)
  3. Igarashi T., & Sugimoto K.(Eds.) (2012) Gakkou de Kininaru Kodomo no Sain (Notable Signature of the Child at School). Shounen Shashin Shinbunsha. (in Japanese)
  4. Shoji S., Sugimoto K., & Igarashi T(Eds.) (2015) Jirei kara Manabu Jidou Seito eno Shidou to Enjo (Student Guidance and Support: Learning through Cases at School).2nd ed. Nakanishiya Shuppan. (in Japanese)
  5. Igarashi T. (2015) Elementary and Junior High School Students’ Tendency to be Absent from School and Sense of Obligation to Go to School: School and Psychological Adjustment. Japanese Journal of School Psychology,15, 43-58. (in Japanese)

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