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Faculty Staff

IDO Tomoko

Assistant Professor

I am specialized in career counseling for university students. University students’, such as internships and job hunting, will make first time selection among their careers. The choice involving a big change in the transition from school to society has often expectations and uneasiness. I am interested in the university student’s career formations. why they have anxiety, how they lead to a better career formation, and how will human characteristics affect career formation, and I am doing research.
Until now, I have been counseling and supporting university students' internships and finding employment that have a great influence on their career development. Among them, I have been looking for factors with excessive expectations and anxiety with them, aiming to be able to select careers with confidence.

I will continue to pursue the career formation of university students, especially focusing on connection between university and society, and I hope to use it for support as well.

Publications (selected)

  1. Tomoko Ido(2005) A Study on Connection between University Education and New Employee Training - Keeping in mind the enhancement of new employee training - Nagoya University Graduate School of Educational Development and Graduate School 711. (in Japanese)
  2. Tomoko Ido(2015) Relationship between internship effect and student characteristics - Focusing on the Self-efficacy sense for career selection and Herzberg's motivation hygiene theory - Aichi Shukutoku University Active Learning No. 8, 15-28. (in Japanese)
  3. Tomoko Ido(2016) Investigation of lacking elements of communication skills of university students - Focusing on "talking and listening" in the teaching of Japanese language at elementary school - Aichi Shukutoku University active learning No. 9, 1-11. (in Japanese)
  4. Tomoko Ido(2017)Research on the influence of participation in internship on University Students' Business Selection Aichi Shukutoku University Active Learning No. 10, 25-40.(in Japanese)

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